Thursday, May 03, 2007

whimsical wisdom

-A display of wild and whimsical hats in a store. I would love to meet the woman who wears those hats. I bet she's a lot of fun.

-Finding a very well-defined chiasm in my passage for my next sermon. I'm preaching from Revelation (gutsy, huh?). Chiastic structure was a common way of writing in biblical times, which points to the central importance of the text by framing it with repeated words or concepts. My central verse is, "and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." As we say in seminary, "that'll preach!"

-Reading David Bosch's book Transforming Mission for class and discovering something so profound that I said "wow" out loud. When speaking of inter-religious dialogue, he says, "We are all recipients of the same mercy, sharing in the same mystery. We thus approach every other faith and its adherents revertly, taking off our shoes, as the place we are approaching is holy."


Gareth said...


(i know i'm biased, but that deserves a 'wow')

Whitney said...

ha! you are biased, but he is great. honestly, i was reading bosch before seminary. love him.