Thursday, May 24, 2007

sweet serenades

-Being given a beautiful (and delicious) chocolate cake by my committee at my internship church. It says, "Whitney, your smile has warmed our hearts." It was the sweetest thing. I shared it with the youth after Bible study, and we all loved it.

-Buying warm rye bread, real butter and peach preserves from the farmer's market. The combination was so fresh and yummy.

-Playing guitar outside and having several friends show up, turning it into a relaxing gathering.


Anonymous said...


Jwant to say that I have been so blessed by reading your blog... It really does inspire me to try and live my life in Glimpses of Grace that He bestows on me.

A friend of Gareth

Whitney said...

hi andrew (or should i say sawbona?),

thank you. glad you read my blog...i'll read yours now! as gareth knows, i spent some time in south africa (not much in joburg though) and love that place. i certainly experienced God there. take care. whitney

Cathelou said...

Hi Whitney, this is Jami. Thank you for telling me about your blog. I love the photos and you have already made me think of campus in a different way.

The post about how your grandmother combed your Papaw's hair was my favorite (back in November, I think), though it nearly made me cry. I sure do miss my Pappaw--what grace it is to have had him.

Whitney said...

Hey Jami! I read your blog much fun! That was one of my favorites, too. They had their 65th anniversary yesterday. Amazing.