Wednesday, May 09, 2007


-Picking honeysuckle with Logan and pulling the stamens out to taste the honey. There's no greater hint of summer than the smell of honeysuckle.

-Sitting in chapel, and suddenly being flooded with ideas for my sermon. I feel the Spirit more tangibly than ever when I'm writing a sermon. I just read the text and exegete it for a few days, and don't stress, because that "aha!" moment always arrives in its own time, and then the sermon just comes. This also keeps me from second-guessing myself too much, because I know that the Spirit has guided the whole process of preparing my sermon.

-I know I include this one a lot, but having my friends over for Sex & the City and wine every Tuesday. We laugh at the show, but the main event is when we mute the commercials and talk. We've helped each other through many a decision or crisis, and I know I can tell these women anything. Tuesday nights are often the highs of my week.


bethany said...

i'm so with you on that sermon thing. it's so refreshing to hear someone relying on the Spirit and not stressing about performance. you're a gem. :)

Whitney said...

thanks :) we really miss you around these parts...just the other day i was telling a jr. about your pneumonic for hodesh (sp?)-new moon. i told her she missed out not having you here.