Monday, May 28, 2007

confirmed brilliant

-Spontaneously going to a free concert at Eddie's Attic and hearing a great new band, the brilliant inventions. It's so relaxing to hear great music, especially when it's free!

-The confirmands processing down the aisle in church on confirmation Sunday. I know how hard they've worked, and found myself a little teary. It was really great to be able to stand behind Zach (I'm his mentor) as he joined the church. I'm really proud of all of them.

-Ditching TV and my computer to go take a late evening stroll through downtown Decatur and grab a decaf latte.


Gareth said...

hey whit... at least i got to say goodbye to you. thanks for coming by the house. thanks for the great friendship this year too. I know we'll meet somewhere in the world!
Yeah - Andrew Coles - that was a surprise, i didn't even know he was blogging. thanks!
And that prayer form is Examen prayer. You can google it i guess. i have a good outline of it i can email you if you wish.
over and out (for now at least)

Whitney said...

sure gareth...and thanks for more ricoffy and indulging all of my south africa reminscing. we will indeed meet up again: scotland, south africa, seattle, who know? take care, friend.