Thursday, May 10, 2007

impulsive frivolity

-Fitting a Lord of the Rings reference into my sermon, and feeling extremely pleased with myself for doing so.

-Calling my parents and finding out that they have left a day early on their road trip to Atlanta to come visit. They just decided an extra day in New Orleans sounded good. This must be where my impulsive wanderlust comes from.

-Children and teachers at the hippyish (I love it) school across the street who were dancing around a maypole with ribbons, while actual violinists played classical music. It was the most comedic thing I've seen in a while.


MYSTIC said...

Sounds like a pagan spring ritual..Sorry I couldn't resist..

Whitney said...

It very well could be. I honestly had to fight the urge to run over and join looked like lots of fun!