Monday, January 08, 2007

wanderlust indulging

-Sitting in front of a mountain full of shadows and lights and listening to (and playing) guitar under the stars.

-The way Jamaicans carry themselves with quiet dignity and strength.

-A tree with foot-long seed pods that look like giant green beans.

-Delicious Blue Mountain coffee and fish with coconut milk for breakfast.

-Music surrounding me constantly. The birds, ocean, cars, wind, trees and people are all musical. A little boy walking by was even making music with a dried seed pod in his hand.

-The different feel of the air that reminds me I in a far away place.

-The breeze in my face on a bus ride into the mountains, and looking up to see a canopy of flowering trees whiz by above me.

-Sitting in the hallway (our "common area") with friends and laughing and talking.

-Sitting in the grass on a hillside gazing out at the Blue Mountains, and realizing that moments like these are why I love traveling.


Leslie said...

So good to hear from you and see grace through your eyes again!

I guess you heard that Christina and Brian gave you a special birthday present this year!! I hope it was a great one. Miss you!


Whitney said...

Thanks, friend! I had a wonderful time today. We went and visited Missionaries for the Poor, a monastic order that serves abandoned people. I helped with elderly special needs folks and some AIDS patients, and some children. Remarkable people...I could really do that work for a long time. Miss you too!!!