Monday, January 22, 2007

funny & flowery

-Waking up genuinely grateful for a new day.

-Laughing with the woman next to me at the coffee shop at the mother who was making turkey noises to her daughter (neither of us had any idea why she was).

-Treating myself to some resale shop hopping and finding a lovely long, warm cardigan with floral embroidery that goes down to my calves. It's a perfect way to adjust back to cold weather again.


Hello from Julia said...

hello. i found your site via Poetical Curiosity. i've been looking around the web to see who else is doing Three Good Things (i started a blog this year). yours is certainly in the same spirit, and if it's ok with you, i'd love to link you in my 3s section. have a look at my blog and let me know if that would be ok with you. i'm sure a lot of people would enjoy reading yours :) cheers, -julia

Whitney said...

hi julia,
your blog is great. three good/beautiful things has become quite the movement! feel free to link to mine. peace, whitney