Monday, January 15, 2007

free falling

-The first glimpse of the bright turquoise Caribbean ocean sparkling in the sun.

-Being awestruck and terrified at the Dunns River Falls, but climbing them anyway. It was such a thrill to climb upward by just placing your feet in the middle of rushing currents, hoping for a foot hold. We were elated after looking back at how high we had climbed together.

-The colors of a bright parrot in the nature area of Dolphin Cove. It even perched on my shoulder for a moment.

-Delicious fish and coconut-flavored rice at Dolphin Cove, eaten in the perfect ambiance of the ocean ten feet away and a Reggae band playing.

-Basil leaves as big as my hand that were the perfect addition to my spaghetti sauce.

-After cooking dinner for the group, the feeling of utter contentment as I sat with the fan cooling my face, drinking a cup of coffee and thinking that there was no place I'd rather be.

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