Thursday, January 11, 2007

embraced by the moment

-How any song you listen to on a journey (by car, bus or plane) seems to be the perfect soundtrack for that moment. I enjoyed "Breathe" as the homes, fruit stands, dogs and trees whizzed by with the deep mountains in the distance.

-The beautiful little girl who followed me around as we toured around an inner-city school.

-The way I was instantly embraced by a special-needs child when I entered a Missionaries for the Poor site in inner-city Kingston. We were told on the way to see Christ in the people we encountered, and I saw Christ in a special-needs elderly woman who cried on my shoulder, in the eyes of the nine-year-old I fed lunch to, in an AIDS stricken woman and in the committment of a stranger.


Anonymous said...

Hey Whit, It's wonderful to read that your having an amazing Alternative Context experience. I've been keeping up with the Mexico group via Rob's posts on his myspace page, Sounds like their having a great time as well! Miss you guys! See you soon!!!

Jessi said...

Hey Whit! Sounds like you're getting the most out of your experience. Tully said that its the people you go with that make the trip, I don't agree. I think YOU make the trip whatever you want it to be and you obviously want it to be something amazing. See you when you get back!! Love ya! Jessi

Anonymous said...

Miss you lots and so glad you have spotted Christ in so many places and people so far from home. He must like to travel as much as you do! Jamaica looks better than Louisville but I saw him here too! Sandra

Whitney said...

thanks for all the nice words, everybody! i look foward to seeing y'all when i get back. jessi, i'm in love with you skirt, and may just cry a bit when i give it back. ;) claire, hope you are enjoying your FREEDOM! sandra, i'm glad lville is treating you well. miss you, roomie!