Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i'm ok, you're ok

-When I couldn't decide whether to get a hazelnut latte or a cappuccino this afternoon (I know, I'm addicted to coffee) the barista suggested combining the two. A hazelnut cappuccino is delicious!

-A young person in the Bible study tonight saying that she sees God when someone asks how another person is doing, and doesn't just accept "Okay," but really wants to know. I made that our challenge for the week: to ask someone different how they're doing every day, and to care enough to get an honest answer.

-The wintery full moon tonight with an eerie ring around it.


Mo said...

I like the idea of wanting to know how someone really is. When I was really ill I always just answered OK or "the usual" when people asked how I was. They'd then smile and say, "Oh, that's great"! It's nice to know someone really cares and isn't just using a social formula.

Whitney said...

Me too. Most of the time, people are too busy or preoccupied to want an honest answer, but otherwise it's just a futile social exercise. And you never know who hasn't had someone really ask how they're really doing in a long time.

M.K. said...

Mmmmm Hazelnut :)