Thursday, January 25, 2007

a cuppa, a laugh and a tidy place

-A much-needed cup of tea this morning.

-Running into a couple of friends on the walk back to my room and laughing out loud for the first time in a while.
-Reveling in my clean apartment--the sort of clean that only happens when company's coming. The company's my sister, and I'm really looking foward to hanging out together all weekend.


bethany said...

hey--i found your blog! i thought of you today as my ipod was on random and i was going for a walk, and nancy griffith came on (since that was the cd you had). anyway, hope you are well, and enjoying that heavy middler year. glad i found you!

Whitney said...

hey bethany! middler year's pretty seems busier than i think my sr year will be. i'm hoping to study abroad next fall in south africa or cambridge. we'll see. how's teaching? i bet the kids love you, what with all the smiles and that voice! ;) glad you found me too.