Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a home in the journey

-Reading while listening to music and being shocked out of the relaxing lull of a captivating story by massive thunder clapping outside. Texas doesn't mess around when it rains. It either really isn't raining at all or it really is. The bird bath got very full today.

-Writing about my understanding of mission and young adult ministry and getting that lift that comes with writing about something that stirs my soul.

-My friend Sarah had this quote on her facebook page, and I found it really appropriate for me right now.

"Significant for my personal life is my growing realization that one’s destination is already embedded in the journey, as the flower in a bud, the spring in a freezing winter, or the butterfly in a chrysalis. With this wisdom I have come to find a home in the journey. Moreover, I have learned to cherish the banal, laugh at myself when I discover my limited knowledge, and marvel at serendipitous events even as I doggedly struggle for the longed-for not-yet."

-Eleazar Fernandez

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Garnetrose said...

Beautiful blog. So very pretty and well written. I love the quote from your friend.