Friday, September 24, 2010

a day at the beach

One of my oldest friends Ashley and I decided to head to Port Aransas for a day at the beach. It's been raining everyday because of pesky hurricanes in the Gulf, but we were fortunate enough to have a beautiful sunny day. Being greeted with a yummy egg and potato taquito for the little road trip was pretty awesome too.

The view from inside my big floppy beach hat.

We were lazily ambling along the beach and picking up shells here and there and one of us remarked, "Hmm, the tide's really coming in." Realizing that our chairs and things might be affected by that, the other said, "We better walk faster!" We discovered that our flip flops were trying to make a break for it and my (ahem, my Mom's--sorry!) book got a little wet. Considering the dedication in it, it's not all that surprising. :)

Beach "Logde"...the sign might be misspelled, but it was a great relaxing lunch spot.

There's just nothing like the feel of the warm sea on my toes. It was such a rejuvenating day. And a wonderful way to catch up with a great friend.

God is good.

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Catherine said...

missing you. catherine xx