Monday, September 20, 2010

graceful mo-ments

I had such a brilliant time at Mo Ranch for their Young Adult Weekend. There was something about knowing I had this past weekend to look forward to that made leaving Belfast a tiny bit easier. I expected a weekend full of deep sabbath, lasting friendships and spiritual nourishment and was not the least bit disappointed. From seeing old friends and making new ones, to hearing the soul-resonating, thoughtful lyrics of David Lamotte, to reading my Bible under the cypress trees with a cup of coffee, to singing Sanctuary after having communion, to drawing my journey in swirls and colors, to soaking in the melodic rapids, to late-night jam sessions, it was such a rich, thin (as in heaven-and-earth-closeness) experience. I'm so grateful to have a place like Mo that always reminds me of who I am and Who God is. I am reminded that no matter how unknown the future, God's peace that disturbs me out of complacency is stirring deep within every email with a church, every midnight prayer for clarity, and every conference call. David Lamotte said it best as he closed our worship on Sunday, "You are loved, and so special to God. And we have work to do." Amen.

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