Monday, September 20, 2010

comfort, tx (the actual place)

En route to Mo Ranch for their Young Adult Conference, I (through the good advice of my Mother) decided to go to Comfort, Texas (because who doesn't want to go to a place called Comfort?). It's an adorable town chock full of antique stores and I had such a lovely afternoon. I dined on a fabulous homemade jalapeno pimento cheese sandwich and sweet tea next to a hilarious group of women who were waving their hands in the air to show how it apparently makes veins on your hands disappear so they appear younger. I wandered through antique shops and ended up having an extended conversation with one shop owner who was a retired Nasa engineer about Portrush, Northern Ireland on the coast, where we'd both been. I watched bees buzz around vibrant flowers that spilled over fences to take over sidewalks. The afternoon was slow-paced, Texan, relaxing and grace abounded.

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