Friday, August 06, 2010

time's a waist-in'

-Receiving a doozy of a going away present from Fitzroy: my very own, shiny new Mac laptop. What an incredibly generous thing! Those people are sneaky. I have about a month left, and can't believe it. I find myself trying to grapple with little moments: writing sermons in the Linenhall Library, strolling through Cornmarket, sipping coffee at a favorite cafe, listening to incredibly talented buskers...I want to grab onto these things with both hands and not let go. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fully let go of Belfast, and that's a good thing. :)

-Lots and lots of movies in one day. I can't get enough. By the way, dear blog buddy, you should see the new Karate Kid. I know, how can it ever replace the old one? Think of it as a good biblical commentary: not quite the original thing, but oh so creative and wonderful. It was fantastic.

-Wearing my favorite little waistcoat/vest over my favorite little Florence and the Machine t-shirt and my favorite not-so-little green scarf and feeling positively jaunty on an otherwise rainy day.


Whitney said...

ok another movie to see...went to the fabulous queen's film theatre tonight and saw the/le concert. not sure if it's showing where you are, but look it up. it beats karate kid, hands down. just wonderful!

BRW said...

Jaunty. I love it! What a fantabulous day.