Thursday, August 26, 2010


-Well, the goodbyes (or "very enthusiastic see-you-later's" as I've heard said) have begun. I had coffee with Ken, who was the director of the community project I worked at when I was here before and has been a wonderful friend & mentor to me. Do you know those people who see the absolute best in you? He's one of them. He actually recommended that I apply to be the director of Corrymeela, the largest reconciliation community in Northern Ireland, a position I'm surely underqualified for. I love the vote of confidence. :) Ken's such a visionary and encourager. I'll miss him.

-Walking home (a bit teary) after saying goodbye to Ken, I ran into two of my housemate Katrina's artist buddies and they invited me to join them to go see their friend's studio and to have dinner. What was going to be an evening spent packing alone turned into a great night with fascinating people and the most amazing smoked haddock cake with a poached egg on top. Later I told Katrina how glad I was to run into them when I was feeling a bit sad and she said, "Sometimes God puts people in your path just when you need them." So true.

-Hearing that a family friend who was in a terrible plane crash is going to survive and recover.

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