Monday, August 09, 2010

signs of support

-Preaching for the last time at Fitzroy (I'm still there for a month or so, but this was my last time preaching) and feeling so loved and supported. I preached on the women at the cross, the women who stayed when everyone else left and how they ministered to Jesus during his life and even went to tend to his body at the tomb, only to discover the wonder of the resurrection. Everyone applauded me at the end of it, which surprised me quite a bit, but was such a tangible sign of their ministry to me these past 2 years.

-Skyping with my Nana who had never seen a computer before and with my sister and nieces.

-Having lunch with my good friend Ruth and catching up on all the exciting developments of life, as well as the perfectly ordinary ones.

-Going to the evening service about Orthodox Heresy (from Belfast visionary Pete Rollins) and David who was leading talking about how this new way of following Jesus isn't about giving the right answers but asking the right questions. Then, he referenced a sermon I preached months ago--which I ended with questions I had--and he said, "If you want to know what an orthodox heretic looks like, look at Whitney." (Then everyone did, much to my embarrassment!) I replied that I considered this a compliment and he said it was the highest compliment he could give. What generously supportive people!

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