Saturday, August 28, 2010

st george's, play, pray & repeat

-Seeing this picture of my niece Natalie on my sister's blog, along with videos of Gigi. They're so much fun...can't wait to see them soon!

-St. George's Market Saturdays...I'm gonna miss these. I love the music, the friendly coffee barista who knows me enough to ask specifics questions instead of a general "How's it going?", tee and toast gal who puts so much creativity, wit and care into all she makes, seeing old friends and making new ones and so much more. They've started opening St. George's on Sundays too and because I have a little window of time tomorrow, I'm sneaking in an extra wee visit. (Tee and toast gal and I conspired this as a we-don't-have-to-say-bye-today ploy.)

-Coffee, life-shaping conversation and prayer with Ri. Our lives are both heading in slightly unknown, but wonderfully exciting directions.


Whitney said...

I'm pretty sure Nat's also doing the itsy, bitsy spider here too. Multitasking girl!

Gawain said...

I love reading your blogs about Belfast! It's great to see it through the eyes of someone seeing the city as it is now. Best wishes for the future, wherever God may lead you next.