Thursday, June 17, 2010

swing low

-The relaxing rhythms of the lovely farmhouse at Craigantlet I often pay a visit to. It's a pretty busy week, but I was able to get away and do work from here. It's also been refreshing and wonderful to read old Wilbur Smith books and hang out with my good friends Jonee and Katrina.

-Sitting on a grassy hill watching the ocean's waves lap around it and a family of birds traverse the tumultuous waves. Warm sun on my shoulders and brilliant blue sky and the constant slish slosh of the waves gave me a sense of peace and connection with an intricately orchestrated creation.

-Jonee making a swing out of an old piece of driftwood we found on the beach. It was hung from a shady tree in the garden and we had so much fun taking turns swinging on it and laughing with the joyful abandon of children.

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