Saturday, June 19, 2010

sun, moon and stars

-Sunlight reflecting off of a green wine bottle on the wooden table, making it glow.

-Spending the day painting and setting up the hall for our children's festival with a crowd of lovely folks, REM blaring in the background, breaking only for an ice cream treat. We got so much done and it looks fantastic with a massive ark, beautiful paintings of Jesus with children and Daniel in the lion's den done by some of the amazing team and even a rainbow and sun and moon and stars hung from the ceiling. I can't wait for the children to see it. We're looking at big stories from the Bible and they'll see them all illustrated as soon as they enter.

-Hanging out with fabulous friends drinking wine and eating chocolate. Life's good.


Mavis said...

wish I was there

BRW said...

Ohhhh, please take a picture! Wish we could be little ones at the festival--great fun! XOXO