Saturday, June 12, 2010

short stack

-Hearing Fiona (one of the young people at Fitzroy) speak with poise, sincerity and conviction on the floor of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland's General Assembly. There are so many gifted young people in PCI.

-Frances treating me to fluffy pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup at the whimsical Avoca cafe. It was delightful, and so was our conversation.

-Going to the rarified surroundings of the Linen Hall Library to write my sermon for Sunday evening. I'm preaching on Ecclesiastes and environmental disaster (just a light one, clearly!) and I don't know if it was the pancakes, the wisdom of the library, the Spirit--or more likely all 3--but it just came to me. I love when that happens.


Ms. 김 시로 said...

Such a nice post.
You have a great blog, I love it.

Visit mine too ^^

BRW said...

Wish you were here with us in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. So many of your Montreat friends have told us to tell you hello!

Love you . . . Mother & Daddy

Whitney said...

I wish I was too!! Hope you're having a wonderful time. Evening service was great tonight -- now to sleep n recharge! Have fun :) And say hi to all those great friends of mine. Love y'all!

Mavis said...

I'm @ home while one I love is in Grand Rapids too. Love teh day you describe. Gald worship went well