Saturday, June 26, 2010

celtic, children and choirs

Let's play catch-up, shall we?

-Going to the novena at Clonard Monastery and listening to Steve talk about the importance of the Bloody Sunday Report, that made some great strides in healing from the terrible events of that day. It was powerful to hear a Protestant from Ballycastle speak to a church absolutely packed with Catholics from a posture of repentance, talking about the need for Protestants to receive the report as a positive step that is instrumental in Northern Ireland moving forward.

-An impromptu mid-morning stop for coffee with Andrea and Tilmann. They return to Berlin on Tuesday (and I'm very sad about this), so we're spending as much time together as possible! They're having a great barbecue tonight. I'm so glad that I get to visit them in Berlin in August.

-Walking over beautiful celtic designs changing ordinary pavement into an artist's canvas. I'm so comfortable living here that I sometimes forget I'm in a foreign country, until I come across things like this that just ooze Irishness.

-A fabulous and wonderful Children's Festival at Fitzroy complete with a massive ark to tell the Noah story, dozens of children laughing and dancing, teenagers dressed as clowns and even a juggler/fire breather! It was great. I'm exhausted. :)

-Going to St. George's with Andrea for her last time. They were having a heritage day and there was a group of women singing protest songs from the women's movement, and they sang "A Song of Peace" which is one of my favorite songs ever. It was very moving.

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Dawn said...

Hi! Just came across your your pictures on this post! Thanks for sharing...and I DO love the name Grace (from your next post!)
happy weekend to you!