Thursday, December 10, 2009

what goes around swirls around

-Going to see my friend Geoff launch his debut album, Ten Year Road, that chronicles his life during the last ten years. The highlight of the decade for him must be meeting his fiance Camel (fascinating name, huh?), because she sang with him on stage in her retro bright red dress, tights and shoes with a shy smile on her face. Their affection for each other was palpable and you could tell by their words and body language that they are both head over heels in love. It really was infectious--Geoff's songs were heartfelt, whimsical and soothing and his ukelele (yep!) playing was brilliant, but the star of the night was their relationship, without a doubt.

-The swirly handle of the church gate.

-Dancing with my carnival girls and looking over to see Denise dancing to the drum beats with a big smile on her face. We both agreed that meeting together to dance is essential to our wellbeing, especially on these cold, dark nights.

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