Wednesday, December 09, 2009

now that's festive

-A couple of weeks ago, there was news of a bit of trouble in the city centre of Belfast during the Christmas Tree Lighting, where teenagers from Protestant & Catholic communities threw things at each other and generally caused a mess. This type of activity very rarely happens in the centre of Belfast--it's usually confined to "flashpoint areas," where two different, usually poorer communities are next to each other. It made me really angry that this had happened, and so in religious education with primary students that week, I talked all about peace. I explained that every place has a history of people being divided, and how in my country this was often in the form of racism. I said that the most important lesson they could ever learn in religious education was that God loves everyone, and wants everyone to love everyone else. I had them draw or write ways they could show God's love to people who are different than them, and they came up with some inspiring and courageous ideas. I have many of them taped up behind my desk at work, and they remind me of the power of children to shape a new reality in this place and beyond. Looking at them today brought me joy and hope and peace.

-A cozy night in spent drinking hot chocolate and painting my nails Christmas red while watching The Holiday. So festive and relaxing.

-Seeing a "Laura Ashley" store sign and thinking of my sista and getting excited because I'll see her in less than two weeks!

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Clay and Ashley said...

Remember the Laura Ashley store in Dublin?!?! CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO.SEE.YOU. Gianna is wearing her Italian "BELLA" onesie today that you got for Natalie :) Love it! We have Clay's office CMas party Sat...Pino, Merlot, Cabernet, here I come baby! OH! You must see the previews for INVICTUS...amazing and made me think of YOU. Love u, my soul sista...