Friday, July 03, 2009

It's chaco time...

...which means I'm putting on my fabulous chacos, packing my favorite t-shirts and heading off to Summer Madness, Ireland's largest Christian youth conference, for 4 days. I'm camping there with Fitzroy youth (and a couple thousand others) until Tuesday. See ya then. :) Whit


Gareth said...

Chacos, Wellingtons with Smarties on, 100 youth and a weekend away - sounds like great fun. To revise the South African Smarties tag line mildly: 'whatalotugot'.
Hope you enjoy it.
PS - really like the new look of your blog. Well done!

Whitney said...

Hey G! Thanks! Great to hear from you. I had a great time with my chacos, wellies and kiddos (although all 3 got a bit smelly after 4 days of camping!). How's life down under? Hope things are going great for ya. :) Whit