Monday, July 13, 2009

dissolving into mist

-Going with Ri, my friend from New Zealand, to Slieve Croob to hike up it. The weather turned out to be terrible, but we walked for a bit and I got some great pictures before getting completely soaked. It reminded me of an old saying about Ireland I used to have (can't find it), that was something like "as you look upon it, you feel like any moment it might dissolve into the mist." Our path up the mountain was rapidly dissolving into the mist (and heavy rain), so we went driving around countryside instead.
-An old battered phone box. These have become so fashionable in the States. I remember a part of Houston that has these freshly-laquered phoneboxes everywhere, and can't help thinking that this is how they're meant to look (missing windowpane and all).

-Stopping to take a picture of this thistle and having Ri laugh saying "those are awful prickly things to's so funny to see you take a picture of one!" I replied that to me they're reminiscent of Braveheart and full of history and romance. True American idealism displayed, but I love it.

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BRW said...

Beautiful photos, Whit. I'm emailing you a link to an intriguing article, 'Behind the Mists of Ireland.' We're counting the days 'til you get home. . .