Sunday, March 08, 2009

oh happy day

-It's my sister's 30th birthday! I really wish I could be there, but I'm wishing her a perfect day. Happy Birthday, Sista!!

-Sitting on my couch in Belfast, watching American television and hearing a show play a song by Mark Geary, a singer/songwriter I heard live in a little place in Decatur, Georgia. I love when the past and present converge in a single moment.

-The privilege of telling children in the church during the kid's talk about how God provided manna for the people of Israel in the wilderness and how God loves each one of us the same and will always be with us to guide and care for us.


John Edward Harris said...

I could not find your email address, otherwise I would have writen directly to say that you and all the poeple of Northern Ireland are in my thoughts and prayers following the news of the recent violence.

Whitney said...

Thank you, John. It has a lot of people angry and more determined than ever to hold onto a continued peaceful reconciliation process.