Monday, August 13, 2007

sweets and soulful songs

-Going to hang out with Maggie, and arriving to discover she'd baked me chocolate chip cookies. What a great friend.

-The magical step in key lime pie making where I get to put one drop of green food coloring into the filling, making it turn from a pale yellow to a lovely lime green. (note: This picture was taken before I put the pie in the fridge before it was cooled, and had a tub of cool whip fall over into it. I managed to make it somewhat smooth again, but I'm not too worried. Cool whip covers a multitide of sins!)

-Hearing a song while eating dinner with friends and, after a few minutes spent agitating over who sang it, realizing that it was by Mark Geary, a great singer/songwriter I heard at Eddie's Attic over a year ago. It was a bit obscure for the restaurant to be playing, and so I was really excited to hear it. His music also spoke to me a lot when I was going through a similar time in my life, so the return of it was very welcome.

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