Tuesday, March 24, 2009

got a light?

-The black swirly (almost celtic-looking) wall sconce I found and have put above my bed. I've started a little nightly ritual where I light the three tealights (and think Trinitarian of course! 3 candles...1 sconce...ha!) and say my prayers for the night, then blow them out and drift to sleep.

-That little vintage pink and black fleur-de-lis dress in the window of the vintage shop that I was sure wouldn't fit me. It did, and so I couldn't resist it. What a funky and retro addition to my wardrobe. :)

-Watching a completely terrible movie with Jonee and agreeing that we're 0-2 on movies, and that we seem to have a rare talent for finding abysmal movies. It made us laugh at just how bad it was. Nonetheless, with a cup of tea and a cosy sanctuary from the cold, rainy wind, it was a relaxing night.

-The radio playing a song that said "if it's gonna be a rainy day, there's nothing we can do to make it change, we can pray for sunny weather...that won't stop the rain." The radio dj said there should be a song "please don't stop the sun, please make it a lovely day, and we'll go have a picnic."

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mbleonar said...

I love your nightly ritual.

miss you.