Monday, March 30, 2009

come together, right now

-Getting an amazing new t-shirt at St. George's Market. Its made by a local designer and gets an important message across in a fun (and dare I say, trendy?) way. I love it.

-I went to a friend's engagement party and, at the end of a night of meeting new people and chatting in the pub, she hugged me and said, "You're like a local now."

-Coming to the Blakes' house completely soaked after another rain attack from Belfast and being given a radiator to put my damp shoes and socks on and warm fuzzy socks for my toes in the meantime. The Blakes have such an effortless hospitality. They don't make a big fuss, but act like giving someone socks as they come in the door, a heaping plate of homemade chicken curry and a quiet place to sit before youth club is an ordinary thing. It isn't: for me, these acts of kindness sustain me constantly.

-Going to an interfaith, multicultural gathering and bonding with a Muslim man not over a shared passion for reconciliation and healing (although we do share that), but over a love of crime fiction novels. He became animated and relaxed as he explained the great stories of Michael Connelly, including how to make the most of his website, which book to start with and what local used bookstore could sell me them for just 2 pounds each.

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Pamela said...

Hi Whitney,
This is Pam Hohenstreet (Hannah's Mom)....I just read your letter in the EPC Witness. It touched my heart! I also went to your blog (obviously) and glided around. I love your site! Just the artwork brought a smile to my face. I wound up on your friend's site you had posted the "new" Lord's prayer. Very thought provoking--it puts a new-day spin on the words we all too often take for granted when we say it by rote.

I'm in awe of the work you are doing and wish I had gotten to know you better when you were here! (Even though I keep up with you through Hannah and Lyle.) Know that you're appreciated and in my prayers. Is there anything I can do for you?