Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy st. patrick's day (it was)

For St. Patrick's Day, we took a church family trip to Tullymoore Park, near Newcastle for the day. We invited some Romanian children to come along, and had such a fun time having a (chilly) picnic, walking through the woods, crossing rivers, and eating ice cream on the beach.

-Now doesn't this look straight out of Lord of the Rings?? (For your LOTR nerds: the scene in the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring, where a growing threat is described.)

-Green moss-covered tree trunks that looked like giant monster feet.

-Delicate green clovers looking all festive for St. Paddy's Day. I picked one for my niece.

-The old castle tunnel to the park. As soon as you entered it, you were hit with the cold preserved by stone and history.

-Watching a child see the ocean for the first time.


Marci Glass said...

gorgeous photos, as always. Thanks for sharing.
Miss you, but am glad to see that you are doing so well.

Jessi said...

These photos are so beautiful! I love that you picked a clover for Nat!

Mavis said...

What a great day! We drank our annual Guinness to mark the day. Not nearly so much fun as your though