Sunday, February 11, 2007

pouring on love

-Hearing David Lamotte play at Columbia last night. I first heard him at College Connection at Mo Ranch in Texas many years ago, and have heard him several times since. His songs spoke to me during my most formative years of college and again when I keynoted at College Connection last year, so hearing and seeing him reminds me of lovely Mo Ranch and friends I miss. One thing he said last night really resonated with me: "If you want to fight hatred, you can't fight it with hatred. You have to pour enough love on it until it goes out."

-After accidentally locking myself into Margaret's bathroom, I had the entire group of friends come to my rescue. Will even wrote a funny song about it after I was freed.

-During a baptism today, Arch specifically addressed the children of the congregation, asking them to help the child up when he falls down and to teach him about Jesus. When prompted to say "I will," one child was so zealous that she kept shouting out "I will!," even during a prayer. I wish I had that sort of eagerness.


kareen said...

I've also gotten locked inside a bathroom once before, while staying at a YMCA facility. I had to climb the top of the bathroom wall in order to get out since there was no one else in the room. The funny thing was, I found out later that the bathroom wasn't really locked at all... I just forgot to turn the knob in my panic. Felt pretty sheepish afterwards but managed to feel pretty good at being able to climb the wall all by myself.:)

Whitney said...

It's a panicky feeling. My option (had my friends not rescued me) was to knock the screen out of the tiny window and shimmy my way out. So glad I didn't have to! That's great you scaled the bathroom wall...definitely something to be proud of.