Thursday, February 22, 2007

peas and purses

-An email from Kate, including the lyrics to "Loving Hands" by Christine Kane. It's a song about appreciating the "glimpses of grace" in every day.

Everyday you wake up
And everyday a day goes by
You're never gonna catch up
'Cause there's never enough time
And there's no one in your love life
There's nothing on the news that's nice
But something keeps you going
Something's keeping you alive
It's a penny on the sidewalk
It's a feather on the subway train
It's sleeping to the rhythm
Of the Sunday morning rain

Chorus: It's those magic little moments
You're trying hard to understand
Wondering if it's luck or loving hands

It's blowing off your homework
And putting all the books away
To sit beside the window
And watch the snow accumulate
It's mailing off a letter
When you love to lick the postage stamp
It's your favorite purple sweater
It's the moths under the midnight lamps


It's praying to the stained glass
When you don't know what an angel is
It's the memory of a mustache
Of a weathered kind of kiss
And it's going to confession
And telling all the sins you've tried
And the priest is getting angry
At the smile you cannot hide


There's so much anger in these streets
So much hanging on your feet
So much sadness in the faces that you meet
And there's all this politics and hate
All these prices that you pay
But all this hope to guide your way

It's the parking lot attendant
Lettin' you go in for free
It's bitin' all your nails off
Instead of losing gracefully
And it's laying on a rowboat
When you're lazy like the summer breeze
And your arm is hanging over
So you autograph the sea

-Making my family's pea salad to celebrate a Spring-like day. It's a delicious cool combination of young peas, red onion and smoked gouda cheese. It just tastes like spring, and brings back memories of picnics and time together.

-Going an a Clothes Closet (our free seminary resale shop) expedition with Karen and Erin. I found a great metallic silver bag that I adore.

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