Monday, March 19, 2012

well fed

(Thanks to Ed for the lovely pic!)
-A delightful Sunday where I got to preach about grace in the morning and then walk 4 miles in the afternoon with church folk for the Crop Walk.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in this effort!  The weather was overcast but not too warm or rainy, and though my feet were a bit sore afterwards, I really enjoyed it.

 -Making a (belated) Irish supper of bangers and champ.  You know, it didn't taste too far from the real thing!

-Becoming completely infatuated with the phenomenon that is The Hunger Games.  I started the first book on Friday afternoon just to have it read before I see the movie.  Well, I've since read all of that book and the next one, and will be picking up the final book in the series soon.  It's quick reading, an original and yet hauntingly subversive storyline and it just pulls you in.  It's wonderful to be caught up in a book you can't put down.  And I'm taking a couple of teenagers from the church to the midnight showing of the movie this week.  Yep, I've reached a whole new level of obsession.  Ha.  (And, no, I'm not counting that as professional expenses or a pastoral visit!)

-Having my little helper with me at work today.  Mondays I tend to run on about 75% energy coming off of a Sunday (especially with those 4 miles yesterday) and so having Hayden to keep me company as I got next Sunday's service lined up and other odds and ends taken care of was great fun.  He seemed a bit sleepy, too.

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