Saturday, March 24, 2012

lean on me

-Hayden coming  to work with me and propping his fluffy head on my foot during a meeting.  He loves to prop his head up on anything, but this was amusing and comforting all at the same time.  (Say a little prayer for my pooch, y'all.  He's having kidney trouble.)

-Sitting on a bench in the shade reading a book (two guesses what book it was!) while sipping a frosty raspberry smoothie and watching butter yellow butterfly playfully dance around.

-Refreshing rain.  We've been enduring a pollen plague, where every surface is dusted with the yellow stuff, and while it's been flirting with rain, it hasn't rained enough to wash it away.  Last night, when I took Hayden outside, I was delighted to see a steady rain falling.  I even pulled my car out of the garage for the night to give it a natural car wash.

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