Saturday, March 10, 2012

see Whit sit

-Sitting on my quirky new loveseats and enjoying being able to stretch out my legs (ha, I have short legs!) and watch a movie.  (My first furniture purchase over a $5 Goodwill find.)  It was an adventure one night this week after a committee meeting driving with Tyler and Cat to Raleigh in Ed's massive truck to pick them up.  We made it a real "event" by celebrating the completion of the mission with pad thai.  I'll be getting a lot of free gift cards in the mail for my purchase, so I'm gonna jazz 'em up even more with fun pillows.

-Going Contra dancing with folks from church and enjoying the dizzy delirium of trying to keep up amidst all the twirls and spins while laughing giddily the whole time.  It was a delightfully diverse community, with many generations represented.  The Irish music made it near-perfect.

-My little old dog getting frisky at the sight of his toy and sticking his tail in the air and then running in laps around me to get it.

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BRW said...

'Tis a lovely setting for Whit to sit! Looks like a beautiful furniture showroom--and I'm so happy your Nana's favorite blue chairs were invited to the party.