Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a gathering place

Here are a few more pictures from my amazing experience in Geneva with the WCC...

Sadly, the Central Committee just completed its meeting today and we only have one full day left here. I'll share lots more pictures (I've taken a ton) and stories once I'm back stateside. I'll just quote a Catholic priest from Kenya (I think) who sat next to me at lunch: "Ecumenism isn't something that we just invented. It's a biblical mandate." Amen!

(This is the worship chapel at the WCC Ecumenical Centre, and it's called "a gathering place for the wandering people of God." I'll post more pictures about it soon and you can really see how they've incorporated the feel of a tent into the design. The stained glass is meant to represent the rising and setting of the sun that you would see from a tent, and you can see how amazing it is as the early morning sun shines through it.)

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