Friday, January 28, 2011

making the most of it all

Today, my Mom and I made a trip to Corpus Christi because my Grandmother was having a little procedure. Grandmother was amazingly resilient, as always, and is doing really well (which is of course the biggest glimpse of grace of all). Regardless of the circumstances, it was a lovely day, and I was so glad to see my Aunt Karen, too.

-Leaving in the wee hours of the morning and being able to watch the sun rise over water as we drove. It gave a peaceful glow to everything.

-Post-procedure, going for a bit of lunch and ending our sandwiches and soup with an amazing (still warm) lemon blueberry scone. It was crumbly, sweet, tangy, delicious.

-Coming over a little hill to see that perfectly blue-green ocean (from Ocean Drive, of course!).

-Going over the big bridge in Corpus that I always loved as a child and feeling that same sense of wonder (and a tiny bit of that same trepidation).

-Stopping at what can only really be described as a "junk store" and discovering amazing things...
...a particular jumbled gathering of old farm equipment, tools, dust and other things that, for a moment, smelled exactly like the barn in my Grandparents' old farm. I even beckoned my Mom over, and she agreed, smells just like the Ol' Magnolia.

-Finding among that "junk" a wine glass that will take the place of one I had and loved and, um, broke. I'm a little sentimental, and so I loved a little teal wine glass I stumbled upon at an antique store, and took that little glass all the way to Belfast and back. And then I broke it in Texas by dropping it while I was washing it. Sad. So, I'm thrilled to have found a similarly-colored, similarly-sized one.

-Clouds on the way home that really look to me like a dove flamboyantly flexing her feathers. Can you see it? The Spirit's on the move. :)

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