Sunday, January 16, 2011

are you what you eat?

I've had such a relaxing, rainy weekend. I hope you have too! Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you got up to.

-Making delicious Hobbit Bread, the perfect rainy afternoon treat with a wee cup of tea. It's delightful with fresh orange zest and delicate little poppy seeds. It's a little involved to make, but really worth it. And if you want to kick the nerd quotient up a notch, you can eat it while reading The Hobbit like I did. :)

-Running some errands around town in the rain and discovering that, after having lived in Northern Ireland for three years (collectively), I've developed that complete indifference to the rain. As they say in Belfast..."It's not really raining, only spittin'."

-My niece's joyful voice bubbling through the phone, "Hiiiii, Weeezzzaaa!"


Lynn said...

That Hobbit bread looks so tasty. Is there a recipe somewhere?

We are in the midst of the big thaw. :)

Whitney said...

Hi Lynn. It is good - not too sweet with just a hint of orange. The recipe is linked to if you click on "Hobbit Bread." Should've made that a different color so you could actually see it was a link...will fix that now. :)

Hope things are warming up a bit for y'all. It seems it was ridiculously cold for the ATL.