Tuesday, January 11, 2011

international delights

-Drinking coffee out of the glass mug my cousin gave me for Christmas. When I was in South Africa several summers ago, we drank our coffee out of glass mugs. While I recognize that not all coffee in South Africa is sipped out of glass mugs, every time I use this one, I'll think of that dusty, beautiful place.

-Watching a really great movie (Inkheart) that I had last seen with my old roommates in Belfast and enjoying the whimsy and creativity of it (and the memory of watching it with them).

-Skype with Neil and his adorable daughter Ruby who proceeded to "feed" me plastic buns (cupcakes) through the webcam, which I gobbled up delightedly. Hearing that Belfast accent again, especially from an adorable toddler, was wonderful. Ruby blowing me goodbye kisses was pretty cute, too.

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