Monday, December 20, 2010

a long but blessed week

-The amazing outpouring of love and support from friends and family through phone calls, texts and Facebook. On Facebook alone, I heard from over 30 friends (!) from Northern Ireland, South Africa, Germany and all across the States. How wonderful to feel so cared for.

-A wonderful service of remembrance to celebrate my Nana's life. We completed the service by singing Joy to the World. It was fitting. Natalie and Gianna being there gave such lightness and whimsy to the day that was wonderful (like Natalie shouting "Weeeezaaa!" when I got up to read scripture).

-Spending the weekend with my sista and nieces and enjoying the fun of watching Miracle on 34th Street, Titanic (for the millionth time!) and drinking lots of coffee, playing with precocious tots, and just relaxing. After one of Natalie's naps, I asked her what she dreamed of and she replied, "Angels!...and chips." Sounds like a great dream to me! It was a perfect weekend.

-Having a real, live Christmas tree up that smells and looks delightful.

-Also having the little light-up revolving tree that my Nana had in her house now in our living room. At several points over the past few days, one or all of us will just stare at it, transfixed by the brilliant colors and wonderful memories.

-Keeping up my Christmas tradition of making dark chocolate candy cane cookies. These little morsels are so tasty! I've also made dark chocolate (sense a theme?) hazelnut truffles for all of the'll see pics of those soon.

-As I blog, having an amazing toasted turkey sandwich with jalapenos and tomatoes placed beside me. Yum!


Amy said...

do you share recipes?

Whitney said...

:) and thank so much for the lovely christmas card. hope y'all are having a wonderful, hope-full day.