Sunday, December 05, 2010

eat, play, love

My sister was busy with a couple of big photo shoots (she's a rockstar), so the 'rents and I headed to Houston to watch my nieces. They were as adorable as ever.

Gianna really likes her grub. She gets that from Aunt Weeza, I think.

Natalie decided to read us a story, which involved her intently looking at her book saying gibberish while nodding her head and using the perfect inflection for reading by ending each "sentence" on a high note and looking up to be sure we were listening. It was so cute!

Then we went to the little playground and had a great time swinging in the sunshine.

Gianna was attempting to slide down on her own (brave lil one!) and Natalie was attempting to climb up the slide backwards. It was fun. They loved the slide almost as much as the swings.

What a playful, lovely time.

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