Saturday, December 25, 2010

light blessing the now

We had a lovely, blessed Christmas. Lots of family gathered and we enjoyed exchanging presents, eating entirely too much yummy food, going to the stirring Christmas Eve service, reminiscing about hilarious family gatherings in the past, reading books outside on the porch while listening to the rain and playing with Natalie and Gianna.

Natalie liked the purple sparkly headband Aunt Weeza gave her.

Gigi really loved ice cream (who doesn't?).

Gorgeous rain sparkling like diamonds through sunlight.

Gigi really liked the monkey I gave her as evidenced by intense shaking...

...and eating!
It was such a relaxed, fun Christmas. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. I'll share thoughts from the devotional I read each day. It's from and I loved their take on Christmas, written by Heidi Hagstrom.

Christmas is just this – Light blessing the now. Christmas is not the end of the Advent waiting and journeying. It is the dawn of Advent. It is Light blessing and sanctifying the journey, the waiting itself.

In the hush of Christmas we are invited to witness the gift of the Light that shines in the now. We are invited to notice and to receive the sanctifying presence within our journeys, our waiting. We are invited to sing Alleluias to Jesus who walks with us in the now – wherever and however that is.

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