Thursday, September 24, 2009


Gianna Marie Patranella, my new niece, was born today in a very succinct and stylish way! I'll put pictures up soon, but the grace in this day is overwhelming. Talking to my sister minutes before It Was Time, running to the cafeteria to make sure Clay was there in time, realizing that Natalie's blessed with the joy of having a sister, having her look into my eyes, Natalie being a trooper and keeping us laughing in the middle of it all...and so much more. What an amazing day. I'm so glad I was here for it all.


Lynn said...

Another baby girl with a lovely name! She has a wonderful family and a special aunt.

Congratulations Whit!

lee said...

Yay! Nat pat's gonna have a mini-sized playmate for Mo next year! (besides all the 3quarters normal and normal sized playmates that is =).

And such a pretty name too--tell your family congrats from mine!

JT said...

Visions of Johanna..... according to the last Poet Laureate, the best song lyric ever written.... allegedly written for Joan Baez.... but I'm sure it could easily be Visions of Gianna....... so let's see some posted!