Tuesday, September 01, 2009

eat, meet, blob

-Meet Blob. My Nana likes to call my blog my "blob" and I told my friend Ri about it. Well, on Sunday at church she presented me with what can really only be described as a little blue, smiling blob. Blob is now the official mascot of my blog/blob. So, welcome, Blob. I love your smiling face and yellow fluff hair. You might just see Blob peeping into blog pictures every now and then.

-Making a new collage/painting for my kitchen. As you can see, it says "eat." My housemate wants me to make one for the bathroom that says "go", but I think it'll be a "loo" one (or maybe "Lou"). I really enjoy making these paintings and experimenting with colors and patterns. Plus, they really brighten up a room!

-Realizing that a person I need to meet for work is actually a person I've been meaning to catch up with for a while: Lori's friend Sharon. Gotta love tiny Norn Iron.


Alan in Belfast said...

It's a great word, and I did manage to use the word "blob" in Sunday Sequence the morning after we had dinner (at Ri's - small world indeed) and you had described your blob.

Hope you're (not) keeping June 12 free in your diary!

mapgirl said...

This is a convergence of all my favorite NI folks: AIB, Ri, Whitney, Sharon!

Lord do I miss you all.