Wednesday, September 16, 2009


-Contemporary dance class starting for another term. As I went in, the teacher (who is a dead ringer for Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music) said, "Oh, hi, Whitney! Welcome back!" There was a mini-reunion in the hallway as we classmates all shed our shoes and socks to go into the dance space. I remembered the feeling of first coming to the class last January and not knowing anyone. Now, I've made some wonderful friends through it, and the teacher even put me in the front of the class because I'm a returning student. The fact that we're learning a technique all about falling motions and counterbalance and that our new piece is to a Rufus Wainwright song is just icing on the cake.

-A woman stooping down in front of me on the sidewalk to pick up a bright yellow autumn leaf and then waving it at me with an apologetic smile. I love the warm-cold air of autumn.

-Laundry day. This would be a glimpse of grace in itself for my mother, but for me it means no clean jeans and wearing my funky vintage pink and black damask print dress instead. :)

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BRW said...

As a matter of fact, this is a day full of grace and laundry in Victoria, too. Love you!