Thursday, September 10, 2009


My wonderful friends Kirsten and Jennifer came for a visit and we had the best time catching up and touring Northern Ireland.

-Looking through CIFs* for a call after my next year here and having them say, "yep!", "oh no, you don't want to go there..." "this one sounds like you!" etc. They brought so much wisdom and experience to the exercise that it was kinda fun wading through CIFland.
* Church Information Forms on PCUSA's Church Leadership Connection website.

-Making a new friend, a hilarious Church of Ireland priest named Louise.

-Love in all its forms.

-Feeling really supported, understood and encouraged.

-Taking a bite of cheese and all saying aloud "oh, wow."

-Lovely green hills, complicated divided cities, sunny days driving in a convertable and rainy days wearing a scarf, and other paradoxes of life.

-Walking through hills high above the seaside and munching on blackberries along the trail.

-Stumbling across a wee alley that contained both an icon workshop and a woman's pottery studio. Her pottery has polka dots all over it. When we commented on their originality, she said, "Well, it's mostly men who make pottery, and they don't take the time to go to this detail. A woman does."

-Making funny "vogue" poses at landmarks.

-A thoughtful and inspiring card (see the picture -->)


John Edward Harris said...

Someone went to The Giants Causeway!

Whitney said...

Oh yes! Couldn't believe the weather was so lovely...the causeway can be miserable on a rainy, cold day. My friends who were visiting had just come from touring Scotland, and had seen the other half of the causeway there. (I think it's on the isle of Straband?)

Travellin' with J&K said...
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Anonymous said...

Close Whitney - it was on Staffa. We had such a good time visiting you and were thinking of you today (went for Chinese after church:-). We forgot to give you a little something, left it with Frank & Allison. Sending you hugs, J&K

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