Saturday, December 20, 2008

now that's funny

-Finishing up some Christmas shopping and running into some Fitzroy young people who were hanging out in town.

-Going with some (other) Fitzroy young people to see Twilight, a movie I've been excited to see. I've read the books and really loved them, but my friends who would have gone with me to see it (namely Jessi and Melissa) are in the States, so I went with a bunch of girls from church. It was almost as good as the book.

-Making it a day-o-cinema and going with Sarah to see three Charlie Chaplin films at the Waterfront accompanied by the Ulster Orchestra (on complimentary tickets from a church member who's in the orchestra!). We saw The Fireman, The Immigrant and The Adventurer. There is something so purely comical and delightful about Charlie Chaplin films, especially when watched with a live orchestra. It was touching to have a grandfather in front of us smiling as his two grandsons laughed out loud.

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Brian Garrett said...

With a live orchestra?!?! Ubercool!!!