Thursday, December 11, 2008

and we're off again...

Ready to go for another walk with me? This time, you'll need to bundle up, because we're off the the Ulster Folk Museum, where everything is done just like early 20th century Northern Ireland. All of the buildings have been transported from their original historical locations. There's no heating except for coal and peat fires in most of the homes and churches. Roberta, Heather, Chris and I went to meditate and read the Bible there and enjoy a morning away from our hectic lives to reflect. So, grab a scarf, a flask of tea and come along!

-View from the window of one of the old row-houses.

-The entrance to one of the churches, which was transported here. You're looking straight up over the doorway to the sky.

-Here's the friendly donkey who tried to eat my glove!

-Here's the doorway that looks like the cover of many Christmas cards, and the candle burning inside.
-Brr! I told you it was cold. It's freezing (literally). Don't worry, we'll get to a fire and some tea soon.

-Isn't it just beautiful?

-Advent candles burning warmly in the cold wintery room.

-Merry Christmas! Now go and get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and a scone and warm up! It did the trick for me. Thanks for coming with me. :)


Chris H said...

What a lovely walk! Oh my word you are one cheesey american.... just to correct some details.... the buildings are the originals transported piece by piece from the places where they were once built... silly.

Chris H said...

Do you write the script for Barney the Dinosaur?

Sarah said...

Whitney, thanks for these photos - love this place - was there 7years ago for Alternative context - brings back memories - good ones.